Week 13 Reflection.

This week we learned about linking and delved a little deeper into the tools on Google Analytics. I was kind of overwhelmed by this week’s material simply because there is so much that gathering links requires and so many things that Google Analytics do.

When it comes to linking I learned that gathering natural, organic links takes a long time. This is something that we don’t really have time for in this course. However, I learned that some good places to start are asking for links from people I know who have sites or blogs and going out of my comfort zone and asking content related blogs or site to make links back to my site.

As far as the numbers go for my site, I have not been very successful with my business endeavor. However, I’m not too worried about not having success. I think that the experience is good and will help me create a better site and plan when I’m actually ready to start up a business that isn’t just for a college class.


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