Week 7 Reflection

This week in class we learned all about setting up our adwords campaign and picking effective keywords. I loved the Google tutorials and videos and felt that they helped make things much more clear. I never knew how ads were chosen and never even considered that the ads that pop up in our searches are related to keywords based on those searches. I liked learning about the bidding process. I feel like even if I don’t continue to pursue an online business after this course it has made me a more informed consumer.

A few of my classmates are only targeting desktop and tablet browsers and not worrying about cell devices. I felt that advertising on desktop and mobile devices would be ideal. Much of the web surfing that goes on happens on mobile devices, so reaching both platforms would be beneficial. However, some of my classmates pointed out that usually people using phones to surf the web aren’t looking to make purchases or do shopping. They are typically doing research. This was an interesting perspective that made me think; however, I am going  to stick with targeting even small mobile devices because I figure the more exposure I get the better.



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