Prezi Presentation


This presentation is some of the science behind chocolate chip cookies its ingredients so that bakers can customize a chocolate chip cookie recipe to be their “perfect” cookies.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Design principles):
I began by looking at some examples of Prezi presentations as well as reading up about how to design an effective presentation. After doing some research I mapped out what I was going to do with my presentation. I’ll be honest, I’ve been really sick this past week and haven’t felt super creative, so my original plan was not very inspired. I used some suggestions from the vital information video and customized it to my topic. I went to the site, a site I have previously used to get cookie baking secrets and picked out the ingredients and information I thought were most important.

After mapping out a plan I created a background in InDesign and inputted the pictures directly into my background that matched with the information that I had chosen. Then I saved the background design as a picture and inserted it into my Prezi. Once I had that done I added the text and some blue boxes. I initially chose blue because one picture I chose had blue in the background. Then I added in my frames and previewed my presentation. After I finished my presentation I put the link into Facebook for reviews.

3. Critique Report:
I received critiques from Charlotte Huyett and Megan Headley. Megan suggested that I make my final frame a zoomed out image of my whole presentation. I thought that was a good suggestion and added a final frame at the end of my presentation. She also suggested adding some contrasting color to the main idea of each point. I did that using an orange color. Charlotte said my layout and design was a little busy. My instructor gave the suggestion to be a little more creative.

With those suggestions I changed my design. Instead of the box shaped presentation I took an image of a cookie and used it as my background. Once I had made that big change I got another critique from my friend Hannah. I had the same color scheme I used before. She told me to change the colors and to find a image of a cookie with a higher resolution. With her suggestions I put my information and images in white circles that represent white chocolate chips. I also changed my color scheme to better match the color of the cookie.

3. Message:
Cooking is a science and anyone can customize their chocolate chip cookies to match their preferences or use the information to find a recipe that will give them the type of cookies they desire.

4. Audience: Bakers

5. Top Thing Learned:
I learned a lot about color choice in this presentation. The second draft I made did not have the best color choices and I learned more about what worked with the background I chose.

6. Color scheme and color names:

Warm color scheme with shades of orange and brown. Black was used for text.

7. Title Font Name & Category:
San Serif – Grilled Cheese BTN

8. Copy Font Name & Category:
San Serif – Arimo








4 thoughts on “Prezi Presentation

  1. charlottehuyett says:

    Loving the changes! The cookie background is cute and the info is integrated in a fun way, and zooming back out at the end does work much more nicely. The title font color doesn’t quite match anything in the cookie image, and I think you could decrease the amount of zoom on the body text just a little (this may be a personal thing but I feel like text becomes more difficult to read if it gets too big) but overall this is very cute and informative. Plus now I want cookies so clearly your job is done, haha!


  2. jessicaangeloblog says:

    Catherine- I LOVE your Prezi. It’s so awesome that you actually have your Prezi inside of a cookie. That is super creative! I remember seeing your Prezi as a draft on the Facebook page and it really turned out nice. The changes you made really made a big difference. Nice work!
    Here’s a link to my blog:
    And here’s a link to Ignacio Esparza’s blog:


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