Self Reflection Week 3

During week two we learned about Drop Shipping, Affiliate Marketing, and Brokers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers. I really liked learning about how to choose a wholesaler. I think the most interesting observation that came from the discussion board about Brokers and wholesalers was how many different things there were to consider when trying to find one. We can’t just rely on product selection alone. It was also interesting to observe how people in different parts of the world placed value on different things. Some of my classmates from other countries considered different criteria based on what’s most important to the general population of the country they lived in. This difference was even noticeable between different parts of the United States. One of my classmates pointed out that some of the criteria someone had posted wasn’t that applicable for sunglasses in Washington because it rains so much and this affects the way that people buy sunglasses.

I also really enjoyed learning about drop shipping. Most of my classmates felt that drop shipping was the best solution for the hypothetical scenario we have been considering. I am beginning to better understand Affiliate Marketing, but I still feel like some of the assignment instructions are not clear and are leading to confusion on my part.


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