Magazine Cover Project


Description: Design a magazine cover that showcases a self portrait as well as articles about yourself.


I followed the instructions on the assignment and did some research on different magazine covers. One that stood out to me was the Oprah Magazine. All of her covers featured a portrait. Oprah has the type of reputation that would allow her to  basically put anything in her magazines and people will trust the content. Because she has so much power in her publications I thought I would use her magazine as inspiration.

The next thing I did was look for photos of myself that would be appropriate for a magazine cover. This was probably my biggest challenge. I didn’t have a lot of digital copies of pictures of myself and hadn’t had any recent pictures taken of just me that were well suited for a magazine cover. I finally found some pictures that would work and sketchplanned my design around these pictures.

I picked one picture and sketched out some designs that I thought would work well with it.
The shirt I was wearing in the picture was purple and black, so I decided to use those colors for my color pallet. After I sketched out my ideas I put the picture I had selected into InDesign and began to set up a general idea of where I would put everything.

rough-sketchOnce I had an idea about where things were going to go I began adding the content. Oprah is famous for her Oprah’s Favorite Things edition at the end of each year, so I took that idea for my feature article. I enjoy cooking, so I thought I would also feature a recipe in my magazine.

Once I was finished with my design I saved it and exported it as a JPG to upload to Facebook.

I met with my cousin who gave me some suggestions for how to improve it. She is a graphic designer and was able to give me some really good suggestions that were not given by my instructor or my classmates on Facebook. She helped me adjust the size of some of my elements because less important elements were too large and some elements needed to be emphasized more with larger font sizes.

On Facebook I critiqued Jess Angelo, Shelby Burnworth, Toni Norman, Megan Headly, and Israel Marquez. The biggest critique my instructor gave me was to find another picture with a different background that didn’t create so much tension. I took the suggestions and changed some font colors and sizes as well as found a similar picture that had a background that was a little more plain and wouldn’t cause competition between the text and the background.

I wanted to let people know more about myself and share a glimpse of my personality through my design. Because I’m inexperienced I don’t know how effectively I put my personality on my design, but people should have a better idea of the kind of person I am by looking at this.

Those who would like to know more about my interests such as my classmates, as well as my client/instructor.

As I was researching different magazines I learned that a lot of magazines don’t follow the design principles exactly. I also learned the importance of finding images that will not compete with the text placed on it. Images with simpler backgrounds that do not have dramatic light to dark transitions are best.

I based my color choices off the colors in my shirt. It is a monochromatic color scheme of purple, black, and white.

Nueva Std: Modern

Felix Titling: Oldstyle

Source Sans Pro: Sans Serif


Happy Day Imagery

SOURCE OF EACH IMAGE (website name and hyperlink)
Happy Day Imagery


2 thoughts on “Magazine Cover Project

  1. b250iej says:

    Hello Catherine! I think you’ve made a good project, the photo is very nice and the colors of it perfectly match the colors of the shapes you added. You used a transparent effect that looks great. Alignment principle and white space are applied perfectly. congratulations!


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